The Cyber Drug War! What is it, and… Why should I care?

by KidsSafe on November 14, 2012

Things like this are scaring the Holy #$%@ out of me… with all my kids under the age of 13 and the prospects of what is just around the corner in online trends with kids these days. There is an ever-widening gap even in two parent families, where both parents are working. It’s extremely worrisome. Social media and entertainment are pandering to our children. What are they pandering? The 3 lowest forms of communication: hearsay, rumors and gossip. These 3 forms of communication are normal for our children to hear on a daily basis.

Larry Magid says; For Kids and Parents, There’s a Digital Generation Gap, but Maybe That’s OK… Some will undoubtedly fret over the perception gap between teens and parents but based on other data from this survey, I’m not all that concerned.


…and I say; maybe it’s not OK, see below, 7 different articles written over the past 2 months*

Don’t believe this is really happening?

Top 15 Most Popular Gossip Websites | November 2012

Above are the 15 Most Popular Gossip Sites as derived from our eBizMBA Rank which is a constantly updated average of each website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast. “*#*” Denotes an estimate for sites with limited Compete or Quantcast data.

These sites receiving over 130 million visitors a month, on these 15 sites alone!!! GOSSIP, HEARSAY and RUMOR are alive and well for your children to emulate their favorite sports, TV, and movie icons and role models! And the worst part? Someone else is giving your kids advice, from what they wear, to the friends they pick! Every facet of your child’s life even their most basic desires are being manipulated and twisted! The teens and young adults dreams of yester-years of sex, drugs and rock and roll are much weightier than they have ever been!

The Cyber Drug War! What is it, and… Why should I care?

The Law’s cyber drug war. Is it time to hold peace talks with internet suppliers of ‘legal highs’? Like alcohol, can these chemicals not be taken in the right way, at the right dose?

Most people over 25 might be forgiven for not knowing what ‘Meow Meow’, Spice and Kratom are. They’re three of hundreds of known ‘psychoactive substances’, or highs, available for consumption. Meow Meow is one brand of a synthetic stimulant drug formally known as mephedrone. Spice, a brand of synthetic cannabinoids. Kratom, a naturally growing hallucinogenic plant found in Southeast Asia, which no one seems to be worrying too much about in the tabloids.

What these three and many other drugs have in common is that your 15-year-old son or daughter could acquire them online with a few clicks on their iPhone. Within days a small package could be sent from China, pass through the UK Border Forces’ grasps and reach your child for their Friday night adventures.

While the Misuse of Drugs Act has curtailed use of both mephedrone and many synthetic cannabinoids, it appears that this motivates internet suppliers to research, develop and market any number of other uncontrolled alternative psychoactive substances instead.

Bearing in mind the hundreds-strong pool of substitutes, there is ample wriggle room. This challenge has not been ignored by regulatory government bodies. Read the rest:

Read Previous Articles on this very subject:

Below you will find 7 different articles written over the past 2 months* about The Drug War our children are facing daily in school and online. I have been warning parents for over 7 years about this very problem… do you know the Who? What? When? Where? Why? Questions to Ask BEFORE Asking “How” to protect your kids online?

Dangerous Drugs: Drugs have become more readily available as the year progressed, even with immensely strict laws in place for those who get caught with drugs or those who are under the influence.

The Dangers of the Internet and Other “Cool” Trends Part I: Internet At Risk Behavior, such as SEXting, Pornography, Dangerous Drugs, etc… are still running rampant in the good ole’ USA, and around the world… But, now, there seven new teen trends that are emerging as real threats to our kids, and could destroy our way of life as we know it NOW, over the next few years!

The Dangers of the Internet and Other “Cool” Trends Part II: If you remember in our first article we talked about the seven new teen trends that are emerging as real threats to our kids.

This is a bit of a heavy topic, but I think it is one that really needs to be talked about and that is the dangers not only of what our kids are doing online, but what goes on when they are out with their friends and even at school. Now I am just a normal dad nothing makes me special, but I wanted to share my thoughts with how we can at the very least try to figure out why our kids want to do these self-destructive things and also maybe coming up with ways to stop them doing destructive things.

Becoming Addicted… What Are The Costs? What is Addiction, it’s the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Addictions can include, but are not limited to, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, exercise abuse, pornography and gambling.

EYE Dosing… Oh My!!! Have You Heard About This, Parents AWARENESS is the Key! I was doing some research the other day, on BIZARRE REAL TEEN TRENDS… and I really got my EYES opened (no pun intended) to this very real and scary teen trend. Please watch the video below and please become more aware of what your teens are doing online, and who they are doing it with.

Underage Drinking Red Ribbon Week Remember it only takes one time for most teens to begin drinking and then thinking they can get home (no problem to drive), and if they call their parents they will only be in BIG Trouble…. please tell you KIDS to call you, and do not DRIVE under the influence of anything their live are more important than getting mad at them…

Students used rubber tubing and other things as a conduit for alcohol highs!!! HOW crazy or stupid will your kids be??? Please, prepare them NOW!! and prepare yourself, by studying the Top 13 Issues & Get your free Mini Guide!

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