The Dangers of the Internet and Other “Cool” Trends Part I

by KidsSafe on September 5, 2012

Not “Cool” Trends Part II

Internet At Risk Behavior, such as SEXting, Pornography, Dangerous Drugs, etc… are still running rampant in the good ole’ USA, and around the world… But, now, there seven new teen trends that are emerging as real threats to our kids, and could destroy our way of life as we know it NOW, over the next few years!

7 New Teen Trends:

  1. I-dosing: Digital Drugs is software which attempts to alter consciousness via sound.
  2. Purple drank: Is adding cough syrup with codeine to a soft drink and candy!
  3. Planking: The activity consists of lying face down — like a board — on any and every surface.
  4. Vodka eyeballing: Teens hold the vodka bottle to their eye and pour the liquid directly into the eye!
  5. The choking game: using restraints, or assistance of a friend to choke the player, cuts off the flow of blood to the brain!
  6. Bath salts: Can be swallowed, snorted, smoked, or injected: causing a highs, hallucinations, paranoia, and panic attacks!
  7. Overdosing on supplements: Petty simple you’re taking way more than the daily recommendations, just like steroids it’s a quick fix for less training, with bigger result, no proof that it actually works… and it’s very dangerous!

Thanks to our Good Friends at Great Schools they have a complete list and full description for the: 7 New Teen Trends

As a bonus listen to our interview, we did a few years ago with Lisa Rosenthal, from Great Schools July 16, 2007 Lisa has and is helping parents, who are looking for a school in their area. Also, she is very interested in keeping our kids safe, healthy and wise… especially getting then a good quality education.

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2 More Very Disturbing Trends:

  1. YouTube Trend: Teens Ask The World ‘Am I Ugly Or Pretty?
  2. Distilling hand sanitizer: The Latest Trend in Teen Drinking


The Dangers of the Internet and Other “Cool” Trends!

I know this kind of heavy subject, but as a dad that is very concerned about kids safety I am asking all parents to talk to your kids, teens and young adults going to college. It’s hard to imagine our kids would get involved any of these risky behaviors but they are and we need to talk to them. As you will read in part 2 there are really easy ways to be informed and prepared… especially when you use our KOKS 4 Cornerstones of Good Internet Parenting!

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

1. Awareness (U care)

2. Communication (listening)

3. Teaching (the best part)

4. Follow through (action)

Be Aware. Start Actively Communicating. Parents you need to start teaching them NOW, and make sure to follow through by discussing these kinds of peer pressure related activities with your children. Be diligent and improve daily on Keeping Our YOUR Kids Safe. Prevent Internet Security Issues by using KOKS’s Simple Parenting Cornerstones to teach your children about online and offline safety.

As a parent and from a dad’s perspective, you have 6 very
important questions to ask in 2012 – 2013 to Keep Your Kids Safe!

WHY, why are my kids involved or even thinking about these deadly behaviors?

And HOW, how are the more parents not totally aware of these deadly trends? And learn, how to avoid them.

WHO, who are the kids or adults teaching and/or sharing these new ideas with our children?

WHEN, when is to young, kindergarten, middle school, JHS or even HS is too young? Kids are starting these kinds of behaviors some by as early as elementary school and are full-blown addicts by the time the reach High School.

WHERE, where can we get help?

And most important WHAT, what are our kids THINKING or the lack of thinking before making these choices! Learn how to talk to kids, and explain WHY they should never do any of these new teen trends…

We hope you’ll share our Parents Guide To Understanding The “Cool” Factor Of Trending Teens Today! With your family and friends. Make sure to read, all the answers in: Not “Cool” Trends Part II

Learn About The Top 13 Issues. To Be Better Internet Parents…

1. CyberBullying and/or BullyCide  Click Here
2. Human Trafficking and/or Modern Day Slavery  Click Here
3. SEXting  Click Here
4. Pornography  Click Here
5. Predators and Pedophiles  Click Here
6. The Choking Game  Click Here
7. Internet At Risk Behavior  Click Here
8. Social (Facebook / MySpace / Twitter) Networks  Click Here
9. Dangerous Drugs  Click Here
10. Malware  Click Here
11. Identity Theft  Click Here
12. Identity Monitoring  Click Here
13. Getting HACKED  Click Here

We will be covering all 13 of these topics and online security issues over the next few weeks!!

Please fill out our comments section below to help us help you, make sure you do your own research for your local area organizations & groups who can help or give you advice or personal info… or any thing I can help you with or do research on, note that in your comments :)

We hope you've enjoyed and learned from our blog, and if you have any questions... Click IT: To Contact Us

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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