The Choking Game… It Is NOT A GAME!

by KidsSafe on September 19, 2012

Warning! It is a deadly, high risk, thrill-seeking behavior that has killed thousands…

Self Asphyxiation, aka – “The Choking Game“.

Unfortunately, there are no winners and there are no resemblances to being a game. Talk about a useless and senseless tragedy, this has to be one of the top heart wrenching events right alongside with teen suicide.

This is not new; however, with the power of the Internet, its popularity is growing. It is practiced predominately by adolescents and teens and is called by many names and the outcome is your child is dead, brain-damaged, and/or a life of diminished capacity. In addition, the absurdity is, it is called the “Choking Game”. It is as much a game as “Russian Roulette”.

Carlos Flores, is the pediatric nurse in emergency trauma care and trauma coordinator for Children’s Hospital Central California in Madera, County, and is an authority on the “choking game”.

The Choking Game is a high-risk activity being played by pre-teen and teen kids, usually peaking at age 13 for both boys and girls.

This activity causes a self-induced loss of consciousness by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and is responsible for hundreds of deaths worldwide. There are a variety of methods that are used, legal and seemingly innocuous, including a method using ligatures.

The first step in prevention is awareness.

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This high-risk activity is performed individually, in pairs, or groups of kids. Essentially, they are altering their sense of consciousness by restricting the supply of oxygen to their brain. This is accomplished by hyper ventilation by creating an alkalosis and throwing the PH level out of whack, creating a vassal constriction and diminishing the flow of blood to areas of the body; particularly the brain. Another step is by holding your breath and bearing down without exhaling.

Another is chest pressure where a child holds their breath and given a bear hug. Carlos explains other methods, which can be heard, on the show and what happens when kids participate in these behaviors. If it does not kill your child, it does kill brain cells and the accumulation damage of this activity should be a concern for parents.

It is not uncommon for many of the victims of the choking game to be ruled a suicide by hanging, when in fact it is not.

Most children and teens have no concept of their own mortality. So, how do you reach teens that feel invincible and bring it to a level that they understand? Carlos replied, “You need to reach them on an emotional level”. Carlos reaches children by giving them real live scenarios, talking to them about families that he has met, and then introduce them to videos of actual cases of parents that have lost a child.

Carlos, as well as the KOKS, are proponents of monitoring your children’s online activities. Moreover, in the case of the KOKS, we strongly endorse PC Pandora for monitoring.

Warning! ”The Choking game” It is deadly!

We discussed the tragedy of the survivors of the victims and how it affected them. We were fortunate to have Sarah Pacatte call in to the radio show. Click here, to read the story!!

I have to tell you that I have read this story and listened to the 911 call and it will break your heart to hear so much sorrow in one child’s voice. Please, let others know about the tragic and senseless activity teens are involved with.

As I mentioned earlier(,) the Internet allows kids to instruct other kids how to perform this activity. It is imperative that we as responsible cybercitizens advise other parents and guardians about the “choking game”.

Here are some warning signs:

1. Recognize it
2. Severe headaches
3. Disoriented
4. Argumentative and aggressive behavior
5. Linear bruising or redness around the neck
6. Blood shot eyes; blood-red
7. Sleeping during the day
8. Ligatures, bungee cords, belt, ropes, braided plastic bags
9. Wear marks on furniture (around bunk beds) or furniture, wear marks on dowels in closet

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Let others know It Is NOT A GAME! share this post or forward the post, click below… To Share IT with With Everyone!

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