SEXting… what are the costs? Part II

by KidsSafe on September 18, 2012

SEXting Part I

Your child — a registered sex offender?

Hang-up for ‘sexting’ boys…

Six middle-schoolers may face kid porn rap! after a boy took a nude photo of his 13-year-old girlfriend and “sexted” it to his pals’ cell phones… cops said, they should be charged with possessing, exhibiting or distributing child porn in the form of a text message photo, according to The Cape Cod Times.

So the story continues………

Why would you give a kid under 16 a Cell Phone?

You would never give that same kid a set of car keys, until they had taken the Drivers ED class and passed it, also passed a written text and drivers test given by the State and received their learners permit, and then a lesson or two from mom or dad on the do’s and don’ts of driving and then and only then will you let that same kid out of the house, with the car keys! I forgot mention they’re also required to be insured, before they get behind the wheel!

So would you give that same child, the keys to a 750 HP FERRARI… or would you??


But, that is exactly what you do when you give that same child the Internet and a Cellphone, without your guidance and understanding of the dangers of the airwaves and the super internet highway… their travels may take them into the dark regions or places you would never imagine, they would EVER go…

So please take the time to teach by EXAMPLE… when it comes to proper etiquette of Cell Phone use and the risks of improper behavior and also using them for illegal activities such as Sexting, and passing nude pictures to their friends, also using the internet for the same purposes… So, please help them by doing whatever takes, including searches and researching on the internet, talk to them about all the possible dangers so you can protect them from the hidden potholes, and the winding curves of a stormy night on a mountain pass…

Choices Makes a Lifelong Legacy

This was never as TRUE than now, on all the Web 2.0 social communities…

Imagine, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now, and you are getting ready to put in your application for your local City Council seat, the beginning or your political career…

You’ve spent the last 15 years building your life since graduating top in your class, at UC Berkeley, with a masters in Political Science, and a minor in Computer Science. You were married to your college sweetheart and you have 2.3 kids, a dog named Jake, and loving neighborhood who have already agreed to give you the support needed, to get elected…

Heber City, Utah

Then all of sudden your world comes crashing down, all around you!!!

Someone who does not like your political views does some research on you and finds a video that was taken at a high school bash at a friend’s house, while you were trashed on some heavy drinking and parting for a few hours and your buddies challenge you to climb up a flagpole at the High School and tear the USA flag down, on a DARE… never realizing someone in the group, was filming it on their cellphone!

Holy Cow, you don’t even remember doing that, let alone remembering
too much from that night at all, SO NOW what do you DO…

Everything you’ve worked for the last 15 years, in down the drain,… and there is no way to fix it, this of course is an extreme story but it proves the POINT that you never know what could happen when it comes to your future.

Please protect yourself form this type of behavior by not doing it to begin with, and not doing those type of actions and video it yourself or have one of your so-called friends… DO it, as a joke!

This and many more stories happen every single day, people who knew they had done and those that don’t know… Choices Makes a Lifelong Legacy and don’t ever forget it!

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