What Parents Need To Know In 2012 – About (ICAC) Part I

by KidsSafe on September 25, 2012

This Part I, in a III part series called: Predators and Pedophiles, What Parents Need To Know In 2012 — Check out Part II

Guarding KIDS In The Digital Age

Unfortunately, predators who sexually exploit children have also evolved with the times. Using digital technology, perpetrators of child abuse can now easily photograph and film children being forced into sexual acts, store these images and videos on their personal computers, and share them online.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 9.6 million images of child pornography had been identified by 2007. Millions more are believed to be in circulation. And it is estimated that 200 new images of children being sexually abused are circulated each day to meet the insatiable demand of the child pornography market. Read the story.

Online crimes against children and what parents can do to protect them!

The youth of today are becoming more and more technologically advanced and this has its advantages as well as upsetting disadvantages. It is great that young children are learning how to use a computer and the internet as it can be a useful source for homework and the likes. However, children are more interested in using potentially harmful sites such as social networking sites.

Internet crimes are happening every day to children and online bullying has overtaken real life bullying as the bullies feel like they can get away with harmful comments as they can often remain anonymous online, thus protecting their identity and keeping them from trouble.

They’re called the: Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force  (ICAC)

People tend to be much braver and bolder when behind a computer screen and this leads too much harsher bullying and words said that may not have been said in a face to face situation.

These social networking sites can also give away information which people may use to track people down. Children sometimes don’t know how much is too much and it is your job as a parent to try to protect them as much as possible. Educate them on how much information they should give; never give credit card details, addresses or current locations out online as these are the most common pieces of information that people use to commit various crimes. Monitor who your children are talking too, make sure that they are only talking to people who you know, and are around the same age as them.

Listen to this fantastic interview with Nancy A. McBride (NCMEC)

Spend 25 minutes with us as we talk with Nancy A. McBride, National Safety Director for NCMEC about their new program called Take 25. It was created to heighten awareness about children’s safety issues. With a focus on prevention, the campaign encourages parents, guardians, and other trusted-adult role models to spend time talking to kids and teaching them ways to be safer. Take 25 was started to commemorate National Missing Children’s Day on May 25th. First proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan.

I had such a great time interviewing Nancy; she is wonderful woman and very powerful executive in many areas especially the “human condition”. Many people don’t really want to know a lot about the true human condition, it is a sad thing when you see what goes on outside of our homes or for some, inside their homes.

Please, Take 25 minutes a day to spend quality moments with each one of your KIDS… no matter what is going on you will all learn more about each other and have a deeper respect for one another. Your kids will learn to love and respect you more and they will have a better chance of making it through all peer pressure that is continually surrounding them. Form a bond with your kids that will help them through the online extreme pitfalls and life in general!

Post Resources & Notes  *  For: What Parents Need To Know In 2012 – About (ICAC)

1.)   Protecting Children From Predators and Pedophiles

2.)   Give Our Children A Voice

3.)   What is Innocent Justice?

4.)   Most often, the predators are HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT

5.)   Tracy Webb is a Senior Trial Attorney and the Managing Attorney  for the Crime Prevention and Youth Protection Division & Director of Child Abuse Policy for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

According to Tracy, the information has been horrifying, “There seems to be a whole new world of cruelty that kids, and frankly adults sometimes are using on one another”, which has created a new order of CyberBullying.

As a criminal prosecutor for the past twenty-seven (27) years, Tracy has seen most of what is out there involved with crimes against children. Tracy noted that there has been an increase with crimes against children with the onset of the Internet and the digital devices.

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One of the task force that Tracy Webb sits on is the Los Angeles Adolescence Suicide Review Team. The team of experts consists of law enforcement, health care, and social services that assemble monthly to evaluate the suicide cases that happened in Los Angeles County.


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