Major Leagues Fail To Protect Young Athletes From Sexual Abuse!

by KidsSafe on November 15, 2012

Carla Lundblade, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist joined Bill today on KOKS Radio. We talked about: Lessons Learned From The Positive & Negative of Fame. We talked about how we can be better parents following some simple guidelines, about The Positive and Negative side of each situation.

Carla Lundblade

Carla Lundblade  is a Beverly Hills licensed therapist specializing in celebrity and sports psychologies. Carla is very entertaining… very Beverly Hills, but ‘talks trucker’ !!!!

Unfortunately we are now learning that the recent sex abuse scandals involving young athletes by a few bad people, is a much bigger problem than first realized.

At this time the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA or any of our other major sports organization have not taken a leadership role in developing guidelines that will protect our young athletes and also the great majority of our excellent hard-working coaches who voluntarily give their free time to help train Americas next generation of professional players!

As a Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Celebrity, I propose a new professional standard of behavior on and off the athletic arena. The Lundblade Coach Code Of Conduct will help protect our youth and also the many good coaches who may unintentionally act in a manner that could be misinterpreted as sexual predator behavior.

Carla has graciously offered to share this cutting edge, and proprietary information with the Keeping Our Kids Safe Family! Read her list below, and/or get your own copy… download it here: The Lundblade Coach Code of Conduct

The Lundblade Coach Code of Conduct by, Carla Lundblade

I want to thank Carla for her time today, and for sharing with us her knowledge.

To connect with Carla Lundblade: Psyched Up Radio | Website | Facebook | Twitter

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