Predators and Pedophiles

by KidsSafe on August 24, 2012

Predators and pedophiles are among some of the most hurtful and evil people to ever walk the earth. These women and, much more commonly, men are defined as child molesters. They are attracted to young children and seek to engage in sexual acts with young children and posses a desire to touch children in a highly inappropriate sexual manner.

Predators and Pedophiles

Pedophilia is controversially recognized as a mental disorder and those who experience these feeling towards children are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Touching or engaging in a sexual act with a minor is against all laws, official and morally. Children who have been molested carry those scars with them for life and it can damage their outlook on life, often leading them to depression and/or anxiety when it comes to human contact.

If you have been molested or know somebody that has, don’t worry. It is never your fault and there is, now more than ever, numerous support groups, online and off, that can help you through the hard times and they will be always available to you if you ever need somebody to just listen to you.

It is advised that you take caution with who you allow your children to interact with as predators and pedophiles don’t stand out in a crowd and they come from all walks of life.


You may never notice a pedophile when you see one. A predator can be a friend, family, co-worker or a person who you would think that you could trust such as a teacher coach or doctor.

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