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by KidsSafe on August 30, 2012

Scarred by online porn: Number of children ringing ChildLine after seeing hardcore images on Internet soars to 50 a month

  • Safety fears raised as number of calls increases 34 per cent over a year
  • Some teenagers are said to be worried about becoming addicted to porn
  • ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen says children were becoming ‘warped’
  • Girls say they are being coerced or even forced into mimicking adult videos
  • Campaigners call on Government to bring in automatic block on online porn

Pornography is the most popular type of content available online. Every single second, 372 internet users are type pornographic search terms into various search engines. With the internet being so prevalent and widely available all over the world, it has made viewing pornography much easier than in the past. About 12% of the internet is pornographic websites and about 42% of internet users view porn. The largest sections of people that view these pornographic sites are men in the ages 35 to 49.

Stop Pornography

If you are a parent and want to avoid having your children exposed to such content then there are numerous things that you can do. More and more younger people are becoming, often accidentally, exposed to pornography as a large percentage of young people are very internet savvy. To avoid having this type of exposure, you can install software that will block all the pornographic websites and only allow the appropriate websites to be viewed. Another thing that you can do is to set your internet setting to a high security. This will lower the amount of potential adult pop ups that pornographic sites use to entice people to visit their sites.

“Some are said to be worried about becoming addicted to porn. The number of calls is up 34 per cent over a year, leading to renewed fears about the safety of children online.

Last night, ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen said hardcore adult videos were ‘warping’ children’s understanding of what normal sex is, persuading them to copy behaviour which is disturbing, even dangerous.

Girls have called the helpline to report that they are being pressured, coerced or even forced into mimicking adult videos.” Read more

Sit down and talk to your children to make sure they know what they are allowed to look at and what they are not. It may not be the most comfortable conversation to have but, as a parent, it is your job to be the one to tell them what is appropriate.

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