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Like the, old but more true now than ever, saying goes: sex sells. Pornography is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and it shows no signs of stopping. This business is a multibillion dollar one that keeps growing. As of 2012, pornographic websites are the most viewed sites online. The online pornography market has come to the forefront in regards to how people watch and view pornographic videos and pictures. People no longer have to go to an adult store to buy these tapes and magazines.

This takes away the embarrassment factor that would stop many people from viewing the pornography. However, in today’s technological society, anything can be found online and this has lead to a massive influx in the amount of porn that is viewed. Unlike in the adult stores, where you had to be an actual adult, the Internet allows anyone and everyone to view pornography.

A study held in 2002 stated that 9 out of 10 children aged between 8 and 16 had seen some type of pornography. This scary statistic means that more and more children are viewing this potentially harmful type of adult entertainment. Every single second almost 29,000 Internet users are viewing pornography.

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It can be argued that pornography is just a form of entertainment and that may be the case for many people but one must be extremely carefully with it as online pornography can often be a dangerous game. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are paedophiles and are using online pornography to full their desires.

Every day, there are 116,000 searches online for “child pornography”. This means that there are a lot of paedophiles out there that are actively looking for these sick images and videos.

If you are going to view pornography, then be careful at what websites you choose to do so. Whether pornography is good or not is a personal choice that each individual has to make but if you are watching pornographic videos please make sure that they are professional done and that everybody taking part is of age.

Child Pornography – There are few subjects that can stir up the feelings of revolt, disgust and anger that are brought about by the topic of child pornography.

Here are ten facts relating to child pornography:

1. It is a federal crime to knowingly possess, manufacture, distribute, or access with intent to view child pornography.
2. Child pornography renews feelings of guilt, shame, fear and self-hate in the victims of childhood sexual assault.
3. Child pornography encourages adults who would sexually abuse children or young adults to act on desires they may have found ways to otherwise control!
4. Recent reports from law enforcement authorities show that 42% of child pornography victims are pubescent, 52% are prepubescent, and 6% are infants or toddlers.
5. Sexual predators often use child pornography in the commission of sexual abuse crimes as a tool to groom their victims.
6. Child pornographers are often participants in the human trafficking or slavery business.
7. Child pornography is a major business online and generates large amounts of money for pornographers.
8. There are 116,000 Gnutella (the most popular file sharing network on the Internet) “child pornography” requests every day.
9. There are over 100,000 websites offering illegal child pornography on the Internet today.
10. Many children’s character names, such as Pokemon, are linked to thousands of Internet porn sites.

There are 624,000 people that law enforcement are completely aware of and know where they live, because the pedophiles are using P2P networks to share child pornographic images and videos, yet law enforcement cannot go after them because of a lack of funds

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