Modern Day Slavery

by KidsSafe on August 25, 2012

When it comes to slavery, many people think that it is a thing of the past as our minds cast us back to when white people enslaved black people. Modern day slavery is no longer about race as it is more about money. Slavery takes place every single day around the world. Wealthy people and even some big companies are enlisting and targeting the extremely poor people from countries such as Africa and Asia and promising them a much better life. This is simply not true.

Every year over 50,000 women and children are
brought to the United States to work as Slaves.

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The people that are taken captive, often very young kids from the age of four are forced to work harsh hours and under even harsher working conditions. These children are given very little pay and almost no free time. They are often worked until they are no longer healthy enough to work anymore. There is no quitting a job if you are a slave as you will be met with frightening consequences and sometimes death. The people that are using people as slaves don’t care about their welfare or worry about how hard they are working them. These people only care about money and production.

However, there is a light at the end of this dreary and poor tunnel. In today’s society there are not just evil people who take the slaves away from their home but there are also the good people who are in efforts to save these slaves from a poor quality life. Every year these amazing organisations are growing and thus, helping and saving more and more poverty stricken people from a life of slavery. Slavery is these modern times should not be happening and these organisations and people understand this and are truly making a difference.

What Are Some General Signs People Have Been Trafficked?

    ” Be unable to leave their work environment
    ” Show fear or anxiety
    ” Suffer injuries that appear to be the result of an assault
    ” Be distrustful of the authorities
    ” Not be in possession of their passports or other travel or identity documents, as those documents are being held by someone else
    ” Be unfamiliar with the local language
    ” Not know their home or work address
    ” Allow others to speak for them when addressed directly
    ” Act as if they were instructed by someone else
    ” Work excessively long hours over long periods
    ” Have limited contact with their families or with people outside of their environment Be unable to communicate freely with others!

By hosting anti-slavery days and anti-slavery charities, the organisations are bringing awareness to slavery that people may not have recognized before. Slavery not only exists in the areas of poverty in the world but it also is evident in modern cities and countries. Factories and production companies all over the world are using slaves for their business and getting away with it. This needs to stop and by making people aware of what is really happening in today’s society will allow people to stop supporting the companies and thus, stopping the slavery.

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