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by KidsSafe on August 29, 2012

Writing as a dad… The Internet really is a great thing the possibilities really are endless. Kids these days (man that makes me sound old) really have it made. For homework, keeping in touch with friends or really anything they can think of the Internet is there for them. Of course like anything it has its bad side. I was recently discussing kids using the Internet with another dad, and he does not let his daughter go online without him being there.

I am not one to judge, but I find that a little extreme. I know there is “bad stuff” online. However you have to put your trust in your kids that they know what they should and should not be going on. Of course I was a young boy, and like other boys I would probably want to check anything out that my folks told me I could not. I wanted to write a few things that I feel may help you guys out if you are worried about what your kids are getting up to online.

Privacy Settings

This is probably the most basic one out there. I know that kids simply think they will die if they do not check Facebook every 5 minutes or so. Make sure that they have there settings set so that only they and there friends can see there profile. You can also make it so people cannot search for them.


No Personal Information

If the privacy settings are set up right then no random weirdo’s should be contacting your kid anyway, but make sure they are fully aware that they should never give out any personal information online. To be fair I think most kids will understand this, but this is something you really are just going to have to trust them with.


Check Out Their Profile

I personally do not think that snooping on what your child is doing is the best idea to win there trust, but if you think that you have good reason to then just ask them if you can check out there profile. Another friend of mine actually checks his sons Facebook account every couple of weeks, and he gives him a days notice to get rid of anything that he will not want him to see. This one is a bit of a grey area as I know that some people out there do not like the idea of snooping on there kids. I think I am really on that side of the fence, but if your gut tells you something is up then go for it. Best protection is setting up an Identity Monitoring system!


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is in all the news these days. It really can ruin kids lives so its vitally important that you let your kids know that if its happening to them to tell you right away, and just as importantly read them the riot act about doing it to other kids. I have found that many kids who do cyber bully other kids do not think what they are doing is wrong, and that its just a bit of fun. It is very important that you let them know for the kid being cyber bullied it is anything but fun.


Block Inappropriate Sites

There are a ton of programs out there that can block sites not meant for kids. I would recommend one of these. The downside to these is that sometimes they block sites that are useful for the kids schoolwork. To counter this have a family computer in a room that is not sealed off like there bedroom is. They can go on more sites, but with you being near by they are unlikely to go on things they should not.


In all I think many people overlook there kids safety when it comes to being online. For me it is all about trust I really do not want to have to spy on my child, but if he gives me a reason to do so then I am going to do it because I want him to be safe. At the same time I have to give him the chance to show that he knows what is right from wrong.


Truth be told all kids are different and what works for one will not for another. I think that is what makes having a guide to online safety so tough. Just talk to your kids and let them know the rules. Above all else do not underestimate the power of banning them from the computer any threat that keeps them away from Facebook for more than five minutes is sure to make them think twice.

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