EYE Dosing… Oh My!!! Have You Heard About This, Parents AWARENESS is the Key!

by KidsSafe on September 3, 2012

I was doing some research the other day, on BIZARRE REAL TEEN TRENDS… and I really got my EYES opened (no pun intended) to this very real and scary teen trend. Please watch the video below and please become more aware of what your teens are doing online, and who they are doing it with.

iDosing is one of those things that your child will probably be introduced to by so-called friends applying peer pressure, or they might just hear about EYE Dosing while surfing the web. It’s more important than ever to be aware of what our children are finding online!

It used to be that when kids couldn’t reach their local marijuana provider, they would do just about anything to get high (which they still do). They would sniff glue, chug Robitussin, do Magic Eye 3D with the floral patterns of your grandma’s underwear. I used to chuckle when I would think about what kids were going to come up with next, but this is no laughing matter! Read more

I-dosing on “digital drugs” is becoming an alarming new trend amongst teens. Protect your kids, with these 4 Simple Parenting Cornerstones.

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

1. Awareness (U care)

2. Communication (listening)

3. Teaching (the best part)

4. Follow through (action)

Be Aware. Start Actively Communicating. Parents you need to start teaching them NOW, and make sure to follow through by discussing these kinds of peer pressure related activities with your children. Be diligent and improve daily on Keeping Our YOUR Kids Safe. Prevent Internet Security Issues by using KOKS’s Simple Parenting Cornerstones to teach your children about online and offline safety.

Do a Google search for the term: Digital Drugs… Search Results 8,210,000

This is very scary!! Protect your KIDS from trying this drug even once!

Learn About The Top 13 Issues. To Be Better Internet Parents…

1. CyberBullying and/or BullyCide  Click Here
2. Human Trafficking and/or Modern Day Slavery  Click Here
3. SEXting  Click Here
4. Pornography  Click Here
5. Predators and Pedophiles  Click Here
6. The Choking Game  Click Here
7. Internet At Risk Behavior  Click Here
8. Social (Facebook / MySpace / Twitter) Networks  Click Here
9. Dangerous Drugs  Click Here
10. Malware  Click Here
11. Identity Theft  Click Here
12. Identity Monitoring  Click Here
13. Getting HACKED  Click Here

We will be covering all 13 of these topics and online security issues over the next few weeks!!

Please fill out our comments section below to help us help you, make sure you do your own research for your local area organizations & groups who can help or give you advice or personal info… or any thing I can help you with or do research on, note that in your comments :)

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