A study found nearly 700 online stores selling so-called “legal highs”!

by KidsSafe on November 16, 2012

A total of 49 new synthetic drugs were detected by law enforcers in 2011, and more than another 50 so far this year.

For the period 2005-2011, the total had been 164.

“More than ever before, young people are exposed to a plethora of powders and pills,” the agency said in a statement.

Europe is being bombarded with an array of new, synthetic drugs of which the ingredients and effects on users are unknown, the continent’s drug agency warned in a report on Thursday.

While cocaine and cannabis remain the most popular illicit drugs, new synthetic substances are being detected at a rate…

The new psychoactive substances are sold on the illegal drug market but also sometimes on the Internet.

Data from emergency rooms, toxicology reports and drug treatment centers indicate that the associated risks are not always well known by the users.” Read More

A study in January found nearly 700 online stores selling so-called “legal highs”, which the report warned often contained “obscure” chemicals or mixtures of chemicals, and have caused several acute medical emergencies and deaths.

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