Dangerous Drugs

by KidsSafe on August 31, 2012

Drugs have become more readily available as the year progressed, even with immensely strict laws in place for those who get caught with drugs or those who are under the influence.

Some of the most used and dangerous drugs in recent years are Heroin, Alcohol and cocaine. Alcohol is often seen as the number one “gateway drug”. A “gateway drug” is the term given to a subsistence that, when taken, can often lead the user to experiment and use other dangerous drugs.

As most people know, alcohol will very often lower a person’s judgement and they may do something that they would normally never do. However, sometimes it is just too late. These drugs are highly addictive and once the first amount is consumed, the user will very quickly want more as the body will crave it once it is given the drug.

The thing that makes alcohol appealing to people with addiction problems is that it is not illegal, if you are of age. This makes it readily available and many people can go years without their addiction problem being noticed. Addicts are extremely good at hiding their addiction and keep it out of viewing eyes.

In recent years it has emerged that a staggering amount of teenagers have started taking heavy drugs. Gone are the days when you might try a smoke of marijuana at a party once. Some of today’s teenagers are going straight into shooting heroin in their veins every day.

These drugs are an expensive habit to keep and many of the users will resort of illegal activities and violence to get the money they need to support their drug habit. Many people will have heard about the recent drug scandal in which we learned about people, mostly teenagers, inhaling bath salts to get high.

If you suspect or know that a friend or family member of yours is a drug user, it is in their best interest to get them help.

There are countless rehabs all over the world or even just get them to talk to their doctor about it will help on their road to recovery. Nobody can survive with an active drug habit but everybody can rehabilitate themselves so they no longer need drugs in their life.

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