CyberBullying, The New Face of Bullying Part I

by KidsSafe on September 10, 2012

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It is that time of the year again. With children and teenagers going back to school, parents all over the world are secretly happy that the kids won’t be home as much and that they will have school work to keep them from trouble and to occupy their time. With all the excitement, parents can often forget how daunting this time can be for their children, especially if they have been a victim of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is an ever-increasing form of bullying that is affecting more and more people as our environment becomes more technically evolved.

Almost every young person from the age of 10 and up has regular access to the online world and they also have access to their very own mobile phone. Cyberbullying often occurs on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and it can cause a child to feel depressed and even more stressed about returning to school. The verbal beating that many of our kids today face are truly horrific and often times the bully doesn’t understand the power behind his or her words. It is much easier for them to say nasty and really mean things when they are in front of a computer screen and not the actual person.

Everyone should understand that more bullying now days is happening online and that it is one of the fastest rising forms of abuse. In part 2 of this article, we will discuss what you can do to avoid cyber bullies if you are worried about them.

What Parents Need To Know About Cyberbullies!

We learn a great deal from our family’s environment growing up. The old adage, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” got its roots from some truth. I guess it isn’t fair to stereotype that everyone will behave and act as their parents. So, are the parents of bullies and/or cyberbullies to blame in any way? That is only a hypothetical question; I have no collaborating evidence to prove that question.

When asked why an individual cyber bullied another, often times it is explained what began as a prank or a mean-spirited prank, escalated out of control. Unfortunately, kids’ immature pursuit and availability of real-time information, access, and disbursement, through high-speed digital technology has been devastating to peers.

We have created information portals, resources, How-To’s & advice sections to help parents with a knowledge base, to correct and fix problems like CyberBullying, SEXting, hazing, etc… Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety…

Go here to get some of your questions answered, and to Learn About The Top 13 Issues To Be Better Internet Parents…



Vanessa Van Edwards: How parents can help their kids deal with cyberbullying and give them skills to manage their online reps.



* additional cyberbullying notes;

CyberBullying, The New Face of Bullying

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Excerpt From: CyberBullying, The New Face of Bullying

Responding To CyberBullying:

  • a. Stop – Block – Tell
  • b. Make sure your child does not retaliate or reply to cyberbullying messages of any kind.
  • c. Block any further contact from the cyberbully.
  • d. Communicate with a parent or trusted adult.
  • e. Documenting proof: Help your child to save evidence of cyberbullying. Use online tools or the ‘print screen’ button on your computer and do not delete text messages on a mobile phone.
  • f. Install good monitoring software that will track and save evidence of all activities online.


Learn About The Top 13 Issues. To Be Better Internet Parents…

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6. The Choking Game  Click Here
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8. Social (Facebook / MySpace / Twitter) Networks  Click Here
9. Dangerous Drugs  Click Here
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12. Identity Monitoring  Click Here
13. Getting HACKED  Click Here

We will be covering all 13 of these topics and online security issues over the next few weeks!!

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