Teach Parents How to Survive and Thrive Both Online and Off

by KidsSafe on September 24, 2012

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Keeping Our Kids Safe Set to Launch Website to Teach
Parents How to Survive and Thrive Both Online and Off

Keeping Our Kids Safe is a radio show with a network of helpful websites that will launch on September 25, 2012. Keeping Our Kids Safe is a gathering place for parents to come and learn tips on how to be a better parent in the current world where there are so many obstacles to effective parenting. With the pitfalls of the online world plus the traditional difficulties of the offline world, the creator of this system felt it was time to give parents a helping hand.

Keeping Our Kids Safe is the dream, creation, and conception of Bill Wardell. Wardell is a radio security journalist and serves as the head of Online Security for Keeping Our Kids Safe. Bill has been working in the online security field since 2005 and previously created two effective security networks, Online Security Authority and The CyberHood Watch. Both have proven to be very successful in helping individuals and families navigate the world of online security. These two previous projects inspired Wardell, to his new project Keeping Our Kids Safe.

Bill is uniquely qualified with over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses offline and online, and has produced and hosted over 450 radio interviews with industry leaders worldwide.

He is well-known and respected for his expertise in online security and internet safety. Bill’s primary focus is combating Internet Risky Behavior, CyberBullying, Pornography, Predators and Pedophiles. One of the main reasons Bill moved forward with this new project was the ever-growing list of risky behaviors that teens are encountering.

Keeping Our Kids Safe (KOKS) is a network that includes three new websites:

  • The internet live radio show called: Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio is where you can get weekly broadcasts with industry leaders in the education, governmental, online security and parenting fields, for our kids and family’s safety. KOKSRadio.com is a site that links too many of Bill Wardell’s radio interviews and touches on topics of concern to all parents.
  • The Keeping Our Kids Safe blog is a site that contains a series of articles and podcasts that deal with topics such as the dangerous effects of CyberBullying, pornography and the very real problem of human trafficking. It is on this site that parents can read about significant security topics and listen to experts offer advice.
  • The main Keeping Our Kids Safe company website is where parents can see all the relevant information gathered in one place. Facebook posts, podcasts, YouTube videos and much more dot the homepage. The specialty articles section is where visitors can learn about the Top 13 Issues, Facing Teens and How to Be Better Internet Parents.

Those interested in learning more about this important launch can visit the Keep Our Kids Safe website at: http://keepingourkidssafe.co/ or email Contact@ThePublicAssistant.com or send in our Radio Show Request form.




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Teach Parents How To Survive And Thrive Both Online And Off

Keeping Our Kids Safe Set to Launch Website to Teach Parents How to Survive and Thrive Both Online and Off

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