A Family Movie That You Can Take Your Family Too… The MINE

by KidsSafe on September 14, 2012

I Bill Wardell, was actually invited to go and see the premiere of: The MINE in PC, Utah  (Get Your FREE Parents KOKS Mini-Guide)->

A Parents Review Of: The MINE…

What a great movie it was, full of lots of scares, thrills, action and humor, etc… from start to finish it delivered on every level for a great movie experience, plus there were plenty of laughs to go around, with a very surprising twist at the end…

The beginning of the movie was my most favorite part of the film, the way the director setup the premise and the movie drama right from the start, it was done better than I have seen in a long time!! So, be a little late you’ll MISS It!

And speaking of a LONG TIME, it has been a very long time since I have watched any movie, especially a very suspenseful and/or of the horror movie genres, that I would even think I could take my younger family too it, or that I would want to take my family to watch. Movies of today are over-sold and over-hyped with profane language, and all the other stuff that makes it not suitable for families.

I was able to take my oldest daughter, just about to be a teenager… and wondered if I would regret it, even though I had been assured it was not this type of movie. I figured then I would have to explain a bunch of things going in the movie to my daughter, because it was a PG-13. Now days that does not mean much to an over protective mom and dad, not wanting to expose their kids to the violence, gratuitous sexual innuendos and/or brief nudity as they call it… apparently in Hollywood brief means you still see plenty of the nudity, but it is very fast!!

As a parent who doesn’t want to have my kids see or hear the awful language every-other word, type of movies, this was a very pleasant surprise to say the least!!

“Jeff Chamberlain did a fantastic job of bringing this very well written movie to the big screen… in a very Alfred Hitchcock way. There was none of the bad stuff that you expect of adult type movies with R ratings; in fact he made a real effort to make the movie enjoyable for a broad audience. I commend him on that.”


I recommend this to any parent who wants their kids to be able to see a good scary movie without all the garbage. Check out this movie. Take the family…. I DID!!!

Bill Wardell

Keeping Our Kids Safe

Oh by the way, here is my daughters review… she is such a little smarty, out writes he dad every time: LilyAnn’s Review


IMDb - The Mine Director & Writer: Jeff Chamberlain

The Mine Official Trailer:

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Michelle Moore September 21, 2012 at 11:17 am

Thanks Bill.. great review. I agree 100%, it’s so nice to have a scary movie that I can take my teens to watch. It was fun seeing you and your daughter!


KidsSafe September 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Thank you Michelle, for the opportunity to spend our daddy – daughter time, at great movie!!


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