The 3 Utah Mom’s Fighting the Good Fight! Live Today on KOKS Radio

by KidsSafe on October 4, 2012

The 3 Mom’s joined me Live on KOKS Radio today. I was a bit nervous about having three guests on at the same time, but very quickly they made feel welcome in their group. I know when you’re as tight-knit as these moms are and how very passionate they are for the cause of keeping their kids data safe it is not easy to share your thoughts with others when there is so much to share in such a short amount of time.

I was glad I was able to sit in on this meeting of the minds when it comes to “Common Core”, and gain insight that I would not be able to obtain anywhere else. I wanted to make sure I did everything right so they could share their message and get the word out about the crazy education problems we all need to prepared for, because it is coming and in some states it’s already here!

The Utah 3 Mom’s Fighting the Good Fight!

The 3 Utah  Mom's Fighting the Good Fight!

I would personally like to thank Renee Braddy, Christel Swasey, Alisa Ellis for being on my KOKS Radio show live this morning. What a fantastic interview and so much information for parents in all 50 states. Our Constitutional rights are being twisted and perverted to please a select few special interest groups and businesses.

The federal government is allowing the data mining of our children’s personal and private information to be sold, and is leading them into a socialized way of education!! Listen to their interview!

What can you say about this interview??

Just like a picture (see above) is worth a 1000′s words so is the audio.mp3 podcast of my interview with the Three Moms! Listen to this interview, it will change the way you think about local, state and the federal governments involvement in our kids education, and OUR future when they are grown up. Where will we be in thirty years in regards to education?

Where will we be as a country, because of our children’s education?

Thoughts 4 2day

Alisa Ellis: Ask yourselves some questions. Where do you see the future of education in America going? Do you think we should do what we do best and help kids to be great thinkers and explore the world or do you think we should use the European model and create a workforce for the future?

Christel Swasey: Educational standards whether high or low are meaningless without the political freedom to change them.

Renee Braddy: There are three things that I value in my life, and those are my faith family & freedom. Without those 3 things, I feel like, what is the purpose in living. I think Common Core affects all 3 of those things and that is why I have the passion and desire to fight this is to protect my faith, my family & equally important is our freedom in America. Governor Rick Perry of Texas who rejected Common Core because of what it would do to their freedoms as a state as well as the cost, said it would be foolish and irresponsible to place our children’s future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and special interest groups thousands of miles away in Washington, virtually eliminating parents participation in their children’s education.


Q – As parents do we all need, to get more involved?  Yes it’s our kids futures we’re talking about!!

Q – What is Common Core?    

Q – How did Common Core get started?  

Q – How is the Federal Govt. involved?   

Q – How does Common Core affect the United States?  

Q – How does Common Core affect the World?  

Q – What is FERPA?  

Q – How has FERPA changed?  

Q – What is data tracking?  

Q – How does this affect your kids?  

Q – Where can the viewers go for more information?  

You can download the answers to all of these questions here:

Common Core 10 Questions, That Need To Be Answered!


Here are the links we discussed on the show today:


Here is the video that was also mentioned to gain some real insight:

Again thank you to the 3 Utah mom’s today, and for fighting the good fight for their families and yours as well.

This is information you are going to want to have in this Election year, to make an informed decision about the future of education for YOUR kids!!!

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