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by KidsSafe on September 29, 2012

Many kids have their own laptops, and/or computers, most of their parents don’t exactly know what they are doing, saying, talking to, and if they are safe or not.

I have my own laptop that my school has provided for my homework, and personal use. Some of the things they do not allow on it include: E-Mail (other than the they provided for us), Most games, Facebook, and things like MySpace.

I would agree on most of the things other than E-Mail and some of the games, and my reason for that is, now a days most kids have their own E-Mail and Facebook accounts.

Some of the reasons I would think kids under the age of 13 should not have a Facebook account is: Online Predators, harassment, and things that include, hurting and luring them into something they would have never thought they would do or even say.

A few months back, my friend/Classmate had gotten a Facebook account and had it hacked. The person who had hacked it was unknown and was posting things that should not have been posted, on his and his Friends’ pages.

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The person who hacked it had just said some rude and un-kind things. I would think that my friend would have gotten away from Facebook but he just made a new account, and luckily this one wasn’t hacked.

Although, not all kids have a Facebook, they either have an E-Mail, or social networking page, or something that involves chatting, IMing, or e-mailing. I myself have an e-mail, although I do get Spam most of the time. Spam is another thing us kids get involved in. Sometimes us kids Click on the spam and see things we really did not want to see. I have dealt with this myself, thinking it’s something cool, but it ends up to not be as fun as we thought.

Being a Cyber-Kid, isn’t just about being “Safe”, we have to use that “Safety Smarts“. And when I say that I mean, like actually looking and wondering what the kids are doing socially on the internet.

Being under 13, and having multiple social media and networking sites, is maybe not the best idea. Even having one can be a nightmare. So my advice for ALL Cyber-Kids is to listen to your parents and follow the rules of your Home! Your parents love you and they are just helping you to be safe online, so you don’t get into trouble that could change your life forever!!

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