Are you prepared for an Emergency? I am and you should be too….

by KidsSafe on October 3, 2012

Are you prepared for an Emergency? Ask yourself this question and make sure you like the answer because what do in an EMERGENCY right after it or when it’s happening could be mean the difference between life or death, with-in hours, minutes or even seconds!! Make sure are prepared for you and for your family!

My Notification Service offers our subscribers an emergency medical and contact notification service. When an incident occurs, whether it is medically related, or an accident, our emergency call center team will send potentially lifesaving medical information, specified by you, to emergency responders or hospital staff anywhere in the world. We will notify up to 9 contacts, such as family, friends, someone to care for your child or pet, even your employer. You can choose to have them notified by phone, text message, or email, informing them of your situation and location. At MNS, our mission is to provide you with peace of mind.

My Notify


For Corporations and Fundraising organizations, MNS provides partnership opportunities that enable organizations to generate income by promoting our services to their customers or members. Not only does this protect the people that are valuable to your organization, but it also provides an inventive new revenue stream in these difficult economic times.

When contacted by First Responders or ER hospital staff members and provided with your personal My Notification Service ID Number, our 24/7, professional call center staff will immediately start notifying the people on your contact list and electronically transmit any medical information in your file to the hospital that is caring for you.


My Notification Service is the only company of its kind that will not only relay potentially lifesaving medical information to hospitals but also alert EVERYONE on your contact list. Last year, over 20 million people were admitted to emergency rooms nationwide. In the unfortunate event you become one of them, your enrollment with My Notification Services will give you peace of mind knowing that the people who care about and rely on you the most will be aware of your situation.

Get yourself prepared now for all emergency in the future, and all in one place with:My Notify

Be Ready When contacted by First Responders or ER hospital With My Notification Service ID the it’s that easy!!

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