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Kids Helping Kids is a place where you can feel the joy of helping children. Oftentimes, these children come from abusive families, with a history of drugs, or from families who just can’t afford much for their children.

It is a sad sight to see a suffering child. Some need clothes, toys, books, while others just need a caring heart that can show them what it feels LIKE to be loved.

This is where you come in – you yourself were a kid once, and you can never be too old to relate to what kids are feeling. Kids helping Kids gives you an opportunity to do good, help a child in need, and even form an unbreakable bond with them. Open your heart, because we’re all just kids, helping kids.

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Get Your FREE Parents KOKS Mini-Guide

What will you find in the Mini-Guide:

Guide For Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Writing as a husband & father… The Internet really is a great thing the possibilities really are endless. Kids these days (man that makes me sound old) really have it made. For homework, keeping in touch with friends or really anything they can think of the Internet is there for them…

Kids And Cell Phones

Is there a kid who is of school age that does not have a cell phone these days? It’s crazy just how connected kids are with each other these days it really is. At the risk of sounding old I remember when I was a kid and I would get off the school bus go home get changed and go and play with my buddies…

The Dangers of the Internet and Other “Cool” Trends

This is a bit of a heavy topic, but I think it is one that really needs to be talked about and that is the dangers not only of what our kids are doing online, but what goes on when they are out with their friends and even at school…

Please fill out our comments section below to help us help you… tell us what you think of the Mini-Guide! Make sure to do your own research for your local area organizations & groups who can help or give you advice or personal info… or any thing I can help you with or do research on, note that in your comments :)

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