7 Things About Me

OSA Investigates Bill Wardell

Ok here are 7 Random Facts about me… I decided to create my own list, I think it’s impossible to know someone on a personal level by merely
going over a list of things about that particular someone, no matter how long the list is, here’s a list of a seven things about me:) so,
hopefully you know more after you check out the following list…

1. My name is William, my friends call me Bill… only the Feds and my grandma call me by given name… and usually only when I am in Trouble…
2. My last name is Wardell – which means a War in a Dell
3. I was born in SLC, Utah – Hometown is Midway, UT
4. I’m a Gemini – I am definitely moody and have 2 sides to my personality ):(
5. I live Online… I am an Internet Entrepreneur
6. I love our Cat his name is Steiner – short for Einstein :) he is Maine Coon Cat, that acts like a dog…
7. I love the Internet That’s how I make a living

Well I sort of did a list of a 70 :P facts… So, just added a Zero to the 7 :)

8. I love sports, especially Golf, Bowling, Basketball… GO JAZZ 2009 is the year.
9. My favorite soft drink is “Diet DEW”
10. I make soda pop ice blocks to add to my mug of Dew, Then I “Do IT”
11. At the age of 30 I realized how important Reading really is!
12. My favorite TV show is “24″ anything CSI or Law and Order
13. My newest favorite TV show is Leverage!!! learning how to use Leverage for ME:)
14. I have 3 children LilyAnn, JT, Mae Mae
15. I do my best brainstorming in the bathroom: 8~)
16. I’ve been on the internet since 1990
17. I still get choked up watching it’s “Wonderful Life”
18. My favorite color is Blue-Green or Black-n-Gold
19. I want to take Scuba Diving lessons. I think it would be fun!
20. My wife is 15 years my younger, that makes me an ole fart!
21. I got married when I was 40
22. My favorite number is black 20
23. I want to go on vacation to the barrier reef and do Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
24. I started my website “Online Security Authority” on May 18th, 2006
25. My first computer was a 286 with 4 mega bites :)
26. I Graduated High School and was in the class of “78″
27. I Graduated Collage at UVSC and was in the class of “86″
28. I owned my own Heating and A/C service business called AAA Service
29. I love Rock and Roll music, in fact…
30. I’m a Heavy Metal Conservative
31. My first car was 1966 Chevy Caprice and I paid cash in full… those were the days
32. The fastest I have ever drove was 160 mph and on a bike 140 “Crazy Kid”
33. The fastest I have gone was 180 in my uncles Mach I
34. My nickname is BA it stands Bad Attitude
35. My CB handle was Midnight Cowboy
36. I used be quite the stud and dressed the part, boots, belt and hat <| ;~)
37. My parents were divorced when I was 3 years old
38. Both my mother and father were deaf, and so is one of my kids (hearing impaired)
39. My favorite book is “Think and Grow Rich”
40. I’ve always been somewhat of a ole softie with a big heart, so I get hurt a lot…
41. My Dream Car is a Black – 1969 Mach I with a 429 Cobra Jet w/Black and Red leather interior, completely restored!
42. I love anything Jerry Seinfeld
43. I have 2 half sisters they had different fathers. They are both younger than me
44. My wife’s parents families, has”18″ brothers and sisters
45. My grandpa and grandma raised me from the time I was 3
46. I don’t care for doctors much – in fact mild hate… but, I don’t what to Die?
47. I’m a good diver… love to do cannon balls :)
48. My biggest pet peeve is two-faced people who are nice to your face and then turn around and make fun of you, or try and hurt you or take advantage of you!!!
49. My favorite foods are “Lobster, Filet Mignon, steak and shrimp
50. I have a great sense of DRY humor
51. I want to be able to make a living doing something I love
52. I’m sort of pack rat but I don’t like clutter
53. I am a night hawk and rarely fall asleep before 2am
54. I have green eyes but they turn brown sometimes, because I am full of it…
55. My musical influences while growing up were “ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Steve Miller Band”
56. My favorite flavor of ice cream is “Häagen-Dazs” Vanilla Swiss Almond
57. I enjoy working on my websites and improving upon them everyday
58. My favorite website is “OnlineSeucriyAuthority”
59. I am 5’11″
60. I love seafood
61. My middle name is Vern
62. My favorite season is Fall
63. My favorite holiday is Christmas
64. My favorite movie is “The Adventures of Remo Williams”
and/or Matrix
65. I love figuring out how to do things – I am a closet Investigative Reporter!
66. I’m helpful
67. I’m a Google-a-holic – I love to do research
68. I’m an easy person to get along with
69. I’m not related to “William Wardell” the architect, who worked in Australia :P
70. If I live my life with one mantra, it would be: You have to be friend to have a friend.

and… * what I have learned in the past almost 10 years is that I love kids and I want to do everything in my POWER to learn, share, teach parents how to protect their families!!!

Your Online Security Authority eZine – OSA Investigates Bill Wardell

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